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We are really excited to introduce you to the Grounded series, our last editorial collaboration with Marta Rubio. 






 We have loved Marta's delicate work for a very long time. She is a person who doesn't belong to one place (she has lived in Madrid, London, New York, Tokyo), a bit like ound is; and we found this deep and ever-moving sensibility very aligned with how we also see the world. We decided it would be great to create a powerful story around some of the pieces from our last collection, with her.







“Grounded is a photography series that shows the instinctive and individual way in which we connect with the land and nature. We must transform ourselves and create according to the potential of our environment so that we can reconnect to our pure self.”
Marta Rubio.


As a way to connect even deeper with Marta and her sensibility, we had a little conversation that we thought we could share, hoping it inspires you as much as it inspires us.





 What does “grounded" mean to you?


When I think about the concept of grounding, I like to describe it as our individual way of interacting with nature, trying to avoid all the noise that surrounds us and create a powerful connection between ourselves and what really matters. As someone who works in the field of creativity, I feel that all the work that comes out of this connection is very authentic and special. Since my work is based on creativity and observation, I like to use this concept as a tool to make us aware of what is around us and the impact of what we're doing.






 What is your favorite moment of the day?


I feel like the evening has always been my favorite time of day; the energy of the day starts to settle down, I use this part of the day to replenish my inner energy by doing things like reading, yoga, meditation... I feel like I'm moving with a slower but stronger and enriching flow of energy.



What is the most beautiful thing or feeling to capture while photographing?


When I photograph a portrait of someone, I like to capture that special gesture between moments that describe the person's true personality and essence, or just a fleeting moment when the sunlight reflects of an object or place in a special way that no one notices. I've had the great fortune to capture moments and simple everyday scenes full of beauty and meaning.






 Which is your favorite image - your's or someone else's - and why? 


I'm not sure I can choose only one picture that inspires me. I see many photos every day and there are many beautiful and powerful works these days. But if I had to choose, I'd say that painting has always been my main inspiration. The last time I was in Paris, I visited the Musée d'Orsay for the first time and was fascinated by the paintings of Edgar Degas. The sense of composition and the way he portrays natural light is absolutely inspiring to me.



What kind of elements, textures or shapes do you feel drawn to?


I'm very attracted to natural and raw materials, imperfect objects and natural elements.







 Get to know more of Marta's beautiful work and find the knitted and hand-dyed pieces of Grounded series on our website.


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