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Before the advent of modern synthetic dyes, textiles were coloured using plants, insects, and fungi - an ancient practice known as natural dyeing, spanning over 5,000 years of human history.


Today, natural dyeing is a rare craft, yet for us, it represents a sustainable way to create colours with minimal environmental impact, harnessing therapeutic benefits and fostering a deeper connection to our surroundings.





The delicate art of printing with flower petals exemplifies our appreciation for nature. It demands meticulous patience as each delicate petal is collected and individually placed onto fabric, where its pigment is transferred through the gentle application of steam, resulting in bespoke patterns - a labor of love to capture the pure essence and delicacy of the natural world.


Natural silk is our fabric of choice due to its exceptional affinity for natural pigments. The synergy of silk and these organic hues yields a palette of colours of unmatched depth and complexity. The sensation of silk against the skin enhances the sensory experience.


Wildflowers play a pivotal role in this narrative, serving as both muse and medium. Their free-spirited growth and seasonal cycles connect us deeply to the rhythms of nature, urging us to observe, appreciate, and adapt rather than dominate. They thrive in both rural landscapes and urban nooks, quietly enriching our lives and ecosystems with their presence.

However, not all flowers possess lasting dye capabilities, necessitating experimentation to uncover which blooms yield enduring pigments. This hands-on approach not only surprises us with nature's generosity but also underscores the importance of sustainability in our harvesting practices.


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For our artisanal pieces, we carefully forage local wildflowers like Wild Radish and Cota Tinctoria during their brief flowering seasons in spring and early summer. These limited-edition creations reflect the uniqueness of each season's environmental condition, be it rain, temperature, or other natural variables that shape the availability and vibrancy of these blooms.


This process isn't just about creating beautiful textiles; it's about nurturing ecosystems and honouring the resilience of these wildflowers, which play crucial roles in sustaining biodiversity and supporting pollinating insects like butterflies and bees.




In our pursuit of beauty and sustainability, we are reminded of the broader implications of design. Beyond aesthetics, design encompasses responsibility to materials, processes, and our environment. It prompts us to rethink our relationship with nature and adopt practices that respect and preserve its delicate balance.




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By fostering a deeper connection with the natural world through our work, we hope to inspire others to appreciate the subtle wonders of their surroundings. It's in these everyday encounters with wildflowers and their fleeting beauty that we find profound lessons about life's cycles, diversity, and interconnectedness- an enduring reminder of our place within the greater ecosystem.


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